Context Diagram Example

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Context Diagram Example
By Trainer Riad Thalji, PMP, ITIL

The Context Diagram is commonly used in collecting the requirements tasks in project management, system analysis and business analysis, and for many researchs.

It depcts the relationship between an entity and its context and can help in making sure that we didn't miss any of the stakehodlers and their requirements.  Usually the context diagram will contain only one level of details.

Here is an example context diagram for the "Laptops for schools" project described in my book:

Context Diagram Example

  • The diagram included many important stakeholders like: Students and software vendors, however, I delberatey didn't include two of the important stakeholders that are usually included in such projects  Try to analyse what could be these stakeholders and update the diagram by adding them.
  • Add any other stakeholders that you may find suitable to the diagram.

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Trainer Riad Thalji